Sometimes Poop Floats
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: Sometimes 
Poop Floats
After three decades of interacting with manufacturers, retailers and the consumer, this book serves as an example of what not to do. Many of the anecdotes included would be funny if they didn’t actually happen. You’ll cry with laughter (or maybe dismay).
Why read this book?
“Learn from the mistakes of others. 
You can never live long enough to make them all yourself.”    ~ Groucho Marx
Did they really say that?
The problem with the music business is there are too many musicians.
Many of the incidents in this book are symptoms of poor training
Industry Sales Are Stagnant
The is a direct correlation between the talent drain in the music products industry and the lack of sales growth.
Who Will Seed Our The Future?
The author credits his career success to a small cadre of industry professionals who mentored him, teaching the principles required to be successful.

This book is a blue print for long term growth by focusing on talent.
Author: Jeff Mazza
Chief Bottle Washer
Jeff founded Royal Music in 1992. 
He is an expert in his own opinion.

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